Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Heartland Energy Launches Ethanol Brand HE85

Submitted by: Heartland Energy Coloado

ALEXANDRIA, LA - November 21, 2006: Heartland Energy Group Inc. (Pink Sheets:HEGP) announced Monday that they have officially launched their new ethanol brand name, HE85, and have entered into an agreement with Casella & Casella, LLP to file trademark applications for that name.

Heartland Energy Group has developed the following ethanol Brand Name Identity to use as a recognizable marketing tool for their Ethanol E85 Brand – HE85. Heartland Energy Colorado Group is developing a national marketing campaign that they plan to launch when the trademark is approved. Heartland intends on putting alternative fuel sections in independent gas stations across the country. The trademark will create asset protection for their future marketing of the Heartland Alternative Fuel line-up. The trademarks are set to co-inside with the Branding Package currently in development.

Roy Thornhill President of Heartland Energy Group, Inc. stated that: He is receiving positive feedback about the marketing plan being developed to create brand recognition for this ethanol product.

About Ethanol:

The growing interest in ethanol, a clean, corn-based renewable resource, has paralleled the escalating price of gas and the urgent need to break the country's dependence on crude oil. Recently, the Big Three automobile manufacturers, GM, Ford, and DaimlerChrysler, appealed to Congress for incentives to increase the number of gas stations that offer blends of ethanol. Last year, Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates pumped $84 million into Pacific Ethanol . Sir Richard Branson, chairman of the Virgin Group and worth an estimated $3 Billion, has plans to invest $300 to $400 million to produce and market this alternative fuel. Vinod Khosla, “guru” of Silicon Valley, co-founder of Sun Microsystems , and one of ethanol’s most vocal advocates, has personally invested millions in private companies involved in the development of ethanol.

About Heartland Energy Group, Inc.

Heartland Energy Colorado Group, Inc. is a North American-based alternative fuel resource and Service Company, dedicated to developing the infrastructure for the delivery of ethanol (e85). Heartland seeks to eliminate North America's dependency on foreign energy sources by focusing on innovative engineering that will enable the mass distribution of ethanol. Heartland Energy will also create an alternative fuel section for independent gas stations throughout the United States. Heartland Energy Group will transcend the future of renewable energy resources, with the ultimate goal of creating a cleaner brighter energy solution for North America. For more information, visit www.HeartlandEnergyGroup.com.

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