Monday, July 27, 2009

Heartland Energy Solutions

Article Submitted by: Heartland Energy Colorado

Heartland Energy Solutions is an Iowa-based company whose goal is to provide the world’s most cost-effective 100 kW wind turbine and blades for the generation of electrical power in the moderate-wind-speed market. Their expertise has lead to the development of a unique, world-class turbine designed for use in the US and other locations where wind speeds are low but the demand for energy is high.

The “Freedom” wind turbine represents a significant advance in renewable energy technology as a more economical and efficient alternative as they are able to create electricity at wind speeds as low as 6 miles per hour. Their smaller size also makes them more user friendly - easier to ship, install and repair, and causing fewer environmental concerns.

Every part of the Freedom™ wind turbines is either manufactured in the US by a division of Heartland Energy Solutions or is purchased through a US vendor. The design of the Freedom turbine accommodates the moderate availability and force of wind typically found within the US.

About Heartland Energy Solutions

In 2007, Heartland Energy Solutions was established by a team of engineers, experienced managers and alternative energy experts to address the future of the renewable energy industry through creative solutions in wind and other technologies. Their first area of concentration was wind technology. Recognizing the common wind speeds and patterns in the US, they began discussions with proven wind power energy leaders with the aim of designing the next generation wind turbine.

Design of a 100 kW turbine, Freedom™, has been completed and production is scheduled to begin in mid 2009.

Heartland Energy Solutions’ turbine and blade manufacturing facility is located in Mount Ayr, Iowa. All the manufacturers of the components were selected based on their capabilities and location. First considered were Mid-West and US manufacturers, then the global supply chain of established companies – to find the best combination of core competency and the ability to produce the quality needed.

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